2005 – 2008 Warsaw School of Photography, Poland
2008 – I began to dance tango and stimulated with this experince, I searched for an enhancing ‘photographic formula’ to describe Tango
2012 – I joined the ‘Poruszenie’ (‘Movement’) Contact improvisation Theater, 
05.2012 – I became involved In ‘The Bee’ performance at the workshops In Łagiewniki, Łódź, Poland 
10.2012,11.2012, 01.2013 – participating in The main part in the Theater/contact improvisation performance ‘Cage’, Warsaw, Poland 
05.2013 – involved in the Photos and editing of the movie ‘Ander kontaktszyn’ (under contact) at the Fru #3 Dance & Video Festival in Łódź, Poland 
06.2013 – participation in the ‘Global Water Dances’ performance In Warsaw, Poland 
 12.2013 – experience and involvement In the popular ‘Movement’ project – workshops with Adrian Russi ended with performance 
2013 – ‘Allegory of the dance’ is the theme of my thesis at the Warsaw School of Photography under Prof. Marian Schmidt, supervisor. 
06.2014 - I received a degree in photography 
01.07-31.07.2014 Collective exhibition in gallery “Limited Edition” 
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